Venezuela: Tankers Iran will be escorted military

Thursday, May 21, 2020, May 21, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-05-22T00:57:04Z

WORLD NEWS //-  on Wednesday, said the navy and its air force will escort the tanker-tanker Iran who arrived with the fuel that is needed. The statement came after Tehran warned of "consequences" if the US intercept those ships reach the goal.

"We are ready for anything, anytime," said President Nicolas Maduro to the media run the government. He was grateful for "all the support" from allies of the Middle East in konfrontasinya with the United States.

Venezuela has oil reserves that are proven to be the largest in the world, but his limited ability in purifying the crude oil into gasoline.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has dropped the unilateral sanctions aimed at ending the export of oil from Iran and Venezuela, both a major crude producer. Washington has also imposed sanctions against a number of individuals Venezuela and Iran.

In early April, the U.S. military said they increase alertness and deploy war ships in the sea near Venezuela, with the reason that there is increased organized crime.

The minister of Defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez said the ship-the ship of Iran when entering the economic zone of marine -200 nautical miles from the coastline- "will be welcomed" by a ship and plane combat Venezuela.

Both Maduro and Padrino did not say when the ships, which according to press reports amounted to five and set sail from Iran in the last few days, it will arrive.

Fuel sent Iran a sudden as Venezuela faces shortages of gasoline that is acute and the face of the pandemic virus corona new.

Venezuela was in the midst of economic freefall, hit because of mismanagement, corruption and sanctions of the U.S., and millions of people move abroad because of the limitations of basic goods.

The leader of the opposition and chairman of the National Assembly Juan Guaido, which is recognized by about 60 of the country as interim president, claiming that Iran paid with gold acquired illegally from the camp-the mining camps in the southern region of the country.

"They pay for gasoline it with the gold that is stained with blood," said Guaido in a video conference organized by the Inter-American Dialogue, a research institute based in Washington.

Guaido said he was "very worried" about the "efforts the presence of Iran in the land of Venezuela", which do not get approval from the National Assembly, which is controlled opposition.

Iran has often expressed its support for the regime of Maduro, who also count on the support of Russia, China, Turkey and Cuba.

Tehran and Caracas established a close relationship during the reign of late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Rear admiral Craig Faller, head of the US Southern Command based in Florida, said on Monday that the United States monitor the actions of Iran "with concern."However, he restrained himself not to comment on the tanker's.

Media of Iran, Fars News on Saturday reported that four warships of the U.S. Navy was in the Caribbean for "the possibility of a confrontation with tankers Iran."

The next day, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned Washington that does not deploy its navy to interrupt the delivery of fuel.

In a letter to the UN Chief Antonio Guterres, Zarif said such an action would be "illegal and is a form of piracy," according to a statement the ministry of foreign affairs.

Zarif added that the U.S. will be responsible for "the consequences of the illegal actions of anything."

The tension between Washington and Caracas remain high after Venezuela foiled an attack at sea by 52 mercenaries, who include two Americans and coordinated by the company U.S. security.

Maduro accused Washington and Guaido was behind the attack.